Start of Something New


I know its been a while, but I just wanted to let you know that I am back! So earlier this month I posted about a major life change I was going through, and how that will affect this blog. Well, now I can come out into the open about all of it, and I am happy to announce an Iceland Travel Website that I will be working on. I want to introduce the beauty of Iceland, along with how to afford to travel to the island, and when you are on the island, as staying there can be very expensive. The quality of life for the people is much better than in America, they have incredibly clean water, along with equal pay for both males and females, something that is nothing short of incredible. These, along with many other reasons, is why I chose Iceland as the main destination for this website.

I am also going to start to post about every expense I have, along with how I am going to survive and travel on just a tiny bit. My travel plans have changed a bit, but I am still going to go all over, just not in the way that I wanted to. Overall, this is something that really proves my knowledge and is going to make my skills strengthen. I hope that you get as much out my journey as I will.

Happy Travels!!!


Peggy Roe


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