I just wanted to let you all know of the holiday special Wow Air is hosting. All of their flights are up to 50% off. I just purchased my flight back to Iceland and I literally saved at least $200 because of Wow Plus, which saves you extra money for just signing up for a free account on Wow air, and the additional discount from the code WOWXMAS

I know that this post isn’t relevant for much longer, but seriously, if you have been pounding your head on how to save all that extra money on your trip, this might be an option.

Word of warning, I’m pretty positive the highest level, with the XXL seating, and the food, are not on sale. I looked this website over yesterday, and those prices seem the same. You’re better off going for the medium level one. The comparison between both is not much different in my opinion, and you save at least $100 a flight by buying the medium.

Also, buying travel insurance for your trip is super cheap. I only paid $71 to cover my entire trip, and that includes cancellation, missed flights, etc. I will post about this tomorrow as well, along with costs and how much you are covered for. I highly recommend this, as buying through the website seems like it only covers the flight, and that is if you have some form of proof as to why you missed it, such as illness. I bought my insurance through AAA, but Allianz Global Assistance is what it really is. I looked this company up, and it looks really cool. Seriously, they even have yearly plans for travelers like me on the go. I didn’t even know that was possible!

Here is the link for the different types of travel insurance they have:


Anyways, that’s about it for now! Enjoy your holidays!


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