So this post is really only relevant to today, but I thought I would share it with you!

Cyber Monday is the online version of Black Friday! Today they have lots of deals to talk about!

First, Air Travel:

WowAir is having a 40% “Original” prices airfare to Iceland during certain days. I can get a round trip flight to Reykjavik for around $330 for the seat that allows you to bring 1 checked luggage, not just the personal item that can run you about $77 per seat. This is an incredible deal and it is on their website, listed below.


You have to use the code WOWCYBERMONDAY to get this deal. Be careful, I have applied it, and it forgot to add it, so make sure you are getting the cyber deal promotion.

StudentUniverse is a place that one of my friends opened my eyes to. You can get more than flights, but it seems that flights are on sale for this site today. I have included a list that tells you of the deals they are offering. I highly recommend purchasing a one way ticket, and adding the promo code, as only one promo code can be added at a time. You can save more money this way.


Second, Travel Items:

OMG, I love these deals.

Dicks Sporting Goods has a 25% off almost everything on their website today. I mean almost everything. Some shoes you get $25 off instead of 25% off. Regardless, this deal is incredible! You can even apply it to clearance, and YETI products! Whoooooo!!! Yeti very rarely goes on sale. Everything that is on discount is automatically taken off in your cart, so double check to make sure it is applicable!



Columbia.com also has 25% almost everything. I love Columbia! Seriously, I try everything from other brands, and they just make it to my specifications. Its like they study me or something. I bought my coat and my boots for Iceland from them! Here is the link for their Cyber Monday deals!



Happy Cyber Monday!


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