Are you ready for Thanksgiving? If you are traveling anywhere, please be careful. Traveling during the holidays is hard, not to mention busy and stressful. Don’t rush anywhere, as you would be putting your life in danger and your fellow travelers.

The last thing you want to do is lose yourself or someone you care about because of impatience. Enjoy your time with your loved ones, and if you don’t have anyone to spend time with, I recommend spending time with friends or anyone you want to. I have a friend who has a Thanksgiving Orphanage where people who have no where to go spend time with one another for Thanksgiving.

Also, if you are just like my family, and don’t have very much money to spend on food, I recommend alternatives. We are buying a $4.99 3 pound Chicken, making a box of Kraft macaroni, mash potatoes that were 89 cents at Aldi, and homemade cookies. All together, this costs under $10. The meaning behind Thanksgiving is for being grateful for what you have, and I am grateful for a family who loves me.

Enjoy your Thanksgiving with those you love and care about.


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