I am the kind of person who likes to put everything they own into a carry-on. Okay, I am exaggerating a little, but I do like to pack everything I need for trip into my carry-on if I have the choice. First, this makes it easier for me to travel, and second, I know where my stuff is because I am responsible for it, if it gets lost. So I decided to create a post on what you are allowed to bring in your carry-on, just so you could try it too.


Carry on Luggage to measure no more than 90 inches by 17 inches by 24 inches

I got this directly off of the TSA website. I bet it can vary from person to person, or whoever is checking your bags, but this rule is still in place, and to avoid disaster, I would follow it.


The second personal item must be small enough to fit under seat. I usually bring an extra bag with me, so that I don’t have to do the whole checked baggage deal.

Now onto the rest of what you can bring with you:


I had no idea I could pack a lot of liquids. I thought it was limited to one bottle, although I am the person who doesn’t pay attention to ALL of the signs that mention the rules.

They even have a rule for the amount of liquids you can put into your carry-on.

3-1-1 Rule

3.4 ounce or smaller liquids you can pack into 1 quart sized in 1 plastic bag

That’s it. That is all the liquids. I bet they have specific types of liquids you cant bring, but if your hair stuff is liquid form, then that is okay.

You should put all liquids in the bag, although they have never said anything to me when I didn’t.

Valuable items

Seriously, please take your valuables with you. In carry-ons, they sometimes get checked to meet certain TSA standards, and when that happens, your valuables can go “poof”. You don’t know who is checking your checked baggage so you can’t catch them. Also, what happens if your bag goes missing? You lose the stuff in it more than likely. The behind the scenes for checked baggage is incredibly complicated.


I know of people who have lost their GPSs because they put it in their checked luggage. One of those people were in a country they didn’t know, and they had no idea how to get to their conference without it. This is also another one of those valuables deals. Always bring this with you!


You should bring your medicine in your carry-on, because you will need it. My boyfriend has asthma, and he almost forgot his inhaler one time. Thankfully, he had an attack near the house, but if he had an attack farther away, he could have died. You don’t want that.

Laptop, phone, anything that makes the trip go faster

You might want to take something that makes the trip go faster. Personally, I always take my computer to do work on. I mean, I will be there no matter what for a certain period of time, I might as well make the most of it.

Obviously do not include


Anything related to guns

Any explosive or flammable

You can get information off of the TSA website. You can also ask them questions. I didn’t know you could bring blow-dryers with you, and they didn’t state that, but they had a picture of it in the overview of items. To clarify, I sent a request to be answered, and someone answered within 24 hours.


Happy Travels Everyone!


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