Have you ever been traveling and something horrible happened? I have! I almost died one time! I was in Cozumel, and I went snorkeling. It was awesome, except for the Barracuda who was following us the entire time. I guess he thought I could be on the menu. Well, once I got done, and went to sleep, I apparently stopped breathing. My face was purple, and I was woken up being given CPR by my boyfriend. He seems to think I reacted badly to a chemical they used in cleaning the equipment. 

He ran up to the on site Doctors Office, who was sleeping of course, and had him come help me. The guy gave me some medicine, and Gatorade to help me regain my energy. That’s pretty scary I could of died. So I have made a crash course for myself so that nothing like that happens again or anything else for that matter.


Peggy’s Crash Course to Disaster Prevention:

1.  Take your ID, Documents, Drivers License, anything like that with you. Put these in a holder that goes under your clothes, so that nothing happens to them.

2. Keep your passport next to your HEART. This is your lifeline in foreign countries. Put this in the holder that I mentioned above. 

3. Keep any relevant Medical Information with you. If you think you might need it, such as allergies, etc.

4. Talk to your wireless carrier about an international phone plan, if you need it of course. My parents don’t bother with the phone when they travel.

5. Take your medicine that you will need. Especially your Asthma medicine, even if you haven’t needed it for years. You never know what could happen.

6. Know where the hospitals are where you are traveling to, just in case. You don’t want to have to use one, but if you do, you will be glad you know where it is.

7. Finally, invest in travel insurance. What would happen if something went missing or something disastrous happened? You want to be prepared!

In the end, be prepared for the worst, but expect the best. You want to have fun, and enjoy yourself. So go out there and do it!


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