Have you ever gotten that weird feeling that something isn’t right? That you are in the wrong situation? I have, and every single time I have been right. I sometimes get that feeling when I go in for a job interview. Sometimes one of the questions seems a little off, or someone seems a little off. Other times I get that feeling when someone wants something from me. They are trying to get something that they know I can provide, but they have not provided anything else that proves the relationship is mutually beneficial.

Well, if you have ever had that feeling, you are not alone. That is our instincts telling us that something isn’t right. You should always follow it. Trust me. I can provide you nightmare stories of times I did not follow it, and it ended in disaster.

For example, I was interviewing for a job at my Universities Admissions Office more than a year ago. The first gut feeling I had was when I submitted the application, and the person in charge contacted me the next day. That gave me a really weird feeling, because why would they need someone that badly, and not review all the candidates first? The second weird feeling I received was when I went in for the interview. They were very unprofessional about it, and I was uncomfortable. They offered me the job right then and there, so I accepted, feeling that I could not refuse. Well guess what happened, I lasted half of a year, discovered a lot of illegal stuff they were doing in regards to peoples information, and the office was run incredibly poorly. On top of that, they put us outside in 30 degree weather to “Greet and direct people”. Something that could easily have been done by a sign, and we could have greeted them inside the warm building. We were worth less to them than a sign was. A sign that they could keep reusing.  Think about that. Thanks to this, I ended up getting the phenomena, and calling out of work for a while, with no pay. So I basically paid them to get sick. What made me finally leave was when finals were coming up, they called and emergency meeting with no exceptions. People got fired for not attending because they were in class during the meeting. During the meeting, they threatened us and told us we were horrible at our jobs. They also told us that we were welcome to quit and they didn’t care, we were replaceable. I quit that day.

Think about if I had followed my intuition. Would I have gone through all of that? No. What if I would have respected myself more, and took a job that treated its employees better? I would have flourished and had a meaningful contribution. In the end, NEVER sell yourself short.

Know your worth, and NEVER settle for less. 


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