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So here is my way I save money on makeup. I usually shop at Ulta because of their return policy. Nothing is more irritating to me than walking into a store, buying something that does not work, and not being able to return it. Ulta does not hold anything against me when I return stuff I don’t like.

Here is my list for How to Hack Ulta:

  1. Buy online

When you purchase online, you can get gifts with purchase. I have mostly given up going to the store, as they don’t usually have the gifts with purchase. Online, it is almost guaranteed. Also, if you have to return the item, you can keep the free item it came with. One time I tired giving it back to them, and they were all like, no its yours, keep it. I was like WOW, seriously? That is a super awesome gesture on their part.

2. Coupons

You can totally use coupons online and in store. I find it easier to use them online, than in store, as the store associates sometimes don’t know or understand the restrictions. I have had fights with them and had them show me on the restrictions section where it says the coupon cannot be applied. I am always right, because I do my research before hand. This can be super irritating, so honestly, the only thing the physical store is good for is trying stuff and returning stuff. This may seem mean, but good customer service is a must. This is a main reason why people like to shop online. So on top of Ulta coupons, you can use manufacturer coupons as well. Double the coupons are awesome!

3. Free Shipping online

When you spend $50 online, you get free shipping. I usually buy what I need and add something else I don’t need to it to get to the $50. When I have the time, I just return the item I don’t need, and wah lah! It works!

4. You can use the 20% off coupon more than once

When that wonderful 20% off coupon rolls around, you can use it on more than one order. Especially online. More ways to save money! Cha Ching!

So, those are my Ulta Hacks. If you use any perfume or makeup, feel free to try it out. Their return policy is super awesome. Just make sure you follow the return guidelines, such as keeping and bringing the packaging receipts with you for a return. That is super important! Otherwise the return wont work :/

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How to Take Advantage of the after-Christmas Sales


So I recently completed my 2018 Christmas Shopping all thanks to the sales that came after the 2017 Christmas. This may be surprising for some people, but hear me out. After every holiday, those items go on sale, otherwise they get sent back. So, once a day every year, I have found that Target Christmas items go on sale, for 90% off. This is a huge discount. On top of that, sometimes there are items that don’t have tags on it, such as that paper for bags, and they sometimes get thrown away by staff. I always bring what I want up to Customer Service, and ask them how much it is. I am as honest with them as possible, and honestly ask them to tell me how much it is. If they can’t figure it out, most of the time they cut me a deal. For example, the paper for bags, I got like 30 sheets for 10 cents because they said they were just going to throw it away otherwise.

Now, honesty is the best policy in my opinion. I hate when people are not honest with me, and from my personal experience, I have built better relationships with customer service by being honest with them. Customer service can be your best friend, or your worst enemy. It is your choice.

So for my last trip to Target, where everything was 90% off, I bought makeup kits, gift sets, glass storage containers, toys, fragrance sets, house items, and candles for basically pennies to dollars. I just go crazy, and buy everything that I think someone would enjoy getting for Christmas, that I could use, or something that I could give as a gift for a birthday. I have found that presentation is key when giving gifts, not the actual gift itself. I always make my gifts look super nice, and professional. I even organize the items inside the bag, or wrapping paper to look beautiful when opened. This is definitely a hack that most people don’t think about.

Now, other stores, other than Target, have sales after the Holidays as well. For example, Ulta gift sets are usually half off that were specific for the Holiday season. Also, Bath and Body Works holds their semi-annual sale where items are up to 75% off. I have bought gifts for friends for an entire year, for around $30, thanks to these sales. Sometimes gift sets are 75% off which means even bigger savings. You can also use the coupon they send you, or that is on your phone, to get a certain dollar amount off or a percentage off. Recently, they had a $10 off a $40 purchase. So if you bought $40 worth of sale items that were already 75% off, that means that each item is even cheaper.

These are just some of many ways to save money, after Christmas ends. Maybe you can start to make your money work for you? What would you like to do? How can you make your dollar stretch?

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Start of Something New


I know its been a while, but I just wanted to let you know that I am back! So earlier this month I posted about a major life change I was going through, and how that will affect this blog. Well, now I can come out into the open about all of it, and I am happy to announce an Iceland Travel Website that I will be working on. I want to introduce the beauty of Iceland, along with how to afford to travel to the island, and when you are on the island, as staying there can be very expensive. The quality of life for the people is much better than in America, they have incredibly clean water, along with equal pay for both males and females, something that is nothing short of incredible. These, along with many other reasons, is why I chose Iceland as the main destination for this website.

I am also going to start to post about every expense I have, along with how I am going to survive and travel on just a tiny bit. My travel plans have changed a bit, but I am still going to go all over, just not in the way that I wanted to. Overall, this is something that really proves my knowledge and is going to make my skills strengthen. I hope that you get as much out my journey as I will.

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